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Marine Services in Preveza & Lefkada
Marine Services in Preveza & Lefkada
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Marine Services in Preveza & Lefkada

Preveza Marine Service M-Tech is a company that can solve your problems ( literally ). We are specialized in engines and drives working with every kind of engine and craft. We want our clients to feel safe and happy due to our cooperation. We can achieve that through the experience we have in yachting and the results of many years of experience. The most important about us is punctuality and the fact that we understand the clients and their needs.

We are based in Preveza city which is the center of the most yachts in ionion. Its geographic place helps us provide services in all over the area with most of the work done in Aktio were the biggest boatyards are located. Moreover we are next to the beautiful island of Lefkada which we visit every day for our clients.

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