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Vathy or Vathi is the largest settlement on the Greek Ionian island of Ithaca It is located in the southern part of the island, in a deep natural harbour.

In the Middle Ages, Ionian islands were subject to frequent pirate raids, which forced inhabitants to build settlements inland. Vathy was only formed in the 16th century, during the late Venetian rule. In 1807, French built a fortress on the Loutsa hill at the port entrance. Vathy was devastated by the 1953 Ionian earthquake which left only a few buildings standing. Gradually, the buildings were rebuilt in the original Venetian style.

Islet of Lazareto

Islet of Lazareto at the entrance to the Bay of Vathy hosts the chapel dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Savior, built in 1668. Since 1560, the islet served as a 40-day quarantine station for ships entering the harbor.
Without doubt, Kioni is one of Ithaca’s most beautiful villages and one of the most stunning destinations in the Ionian Sea.

As you approach Kioni, you are greeted by the sight of its small, beautiful bay and by the traditional, well-maintained houses built in the amphitheatre rising from the sea and losing themselves in the woodlands of the surrounding hillsides.
To your left is the small cove of Mavronas, which provides a safe refuge for small fishing boats.


Atokos, is a small Greek island in the Ionian Sea. The One House Bays is a preferred option for anchorage, as it safer for boats from the NW winds and has better access to the island via a pebbled beach and small flat hinterland. Atokos is a private island owned by the ship-owner family of Panayiotis Tsakos. The tiny islet is uninhabited except for a few goats that roam freely around the island.

On the island there is the small chapel of St. John Visitors are allowed to go and swim in the beautiful beaches with the crystal-clear turquoise waters. To approach it requires a private boat. The seabed is very rich, ideal for snorkeling. Atokos is inside a Natura 2000 area.

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